Maybe just one day without a protest?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in free speech and I believe in the right to assemble and I believe in the right to protest things that are unfair in general. The one thing that I don’t believe in are the amount of protests that happen in San Francisco on a regular basis.
I was reminded of this fact as I walked back from Union Square and there were two strikes happening outside two separate hotels. This happens to be one thing that I do indeed believe in, because it seems that in these days of corporate greed, the only way to make change, is to choke off the lifeblood of the corporation – i.e. money. It’s a shame though that a lot of this gets lost on people, since there’s always some group protesting Bush, or Microsoft, or World Trade, or genetically altered vegetables, or chipotle-flavored spam… You get the picture.
I think it’s great that I live in an area that allows people to voice their opinions about things strongly, but I have a large problem with what the benefit is of them doing it here. Yes the message gets out there, but it gets out to people who, for the vast majority feel the same way (San Francisco is THE definition of liberal.) All these people that come in for these protests are shuttling in on the Bart subway, doing their yelling and then going back to the East Bay to munch on organically grown blue-green algae.
Why, when protesting Bush, they don’t go to somewhere where there are minds to change elludes me. I mean, if you really want to get the guy out of office, go to swing states and work with John Kerry’s people to make sure that happens. I know, I know, that requires foresight and conviction, which is something that’s tough, when all you want to do, is take a 20 minute ride into a town where no one will disagree with you and challenge your convictions.
It’s all just absurd and it’s made me start walking through the middle of the meaningless protests and getting in the way of things, just because these twitterheads expect no one to confront them. People should. People should get in their face and ask why they’re doing all this, even if you completely agree with them. Even if you think the world is black and white, how the hell do you know if you are on the black or the white side of things?
Anyways, support your local unions in their strife to improve their working conditiongs, since a lot of them work for crap wages with no health care.