Maybe in San francisco

“Definitely Maybe” was a great title for a Bjork song. It sums up the stupidity of the word in a place like San Francisco where really, a “maybe” is a “no”.
Back home in what most people consider to be hick land, a maybe means a maybe. It means that there is a 50/50 chance that a person will be able to do something. Here, it’s this stupid “small yes” that a former boss of mine used which should really be “chicken shit yes”. But people here love it. This grey area of “maybe I can make it if A & B & C don’t happen” is so loved by the sloppy and uncaring attitude of people here. They seem to fear that if they stand their ground that you might not like them anymore. Well, I’ve gotta say, if you’re wishy-washy all the time, I’m going to like you even less.
What brings about this rant is the service Evite which is brilliant. An online system to manage a party is perfect, except for one fact, they include a maybe option. So, naturally, everyone takes this pathetic middle road and commits in a non-commital way to any number of events. I’ve seen it in things I’ve set up and other things I’ve been invited to where people will actually “maybe” themselves on to three separate lists, when obviously they can only go to one. Of course, these are probably the same people that will make reservations at three separate restaurants on the same night. It lacks serious class to do these things and it seems that we’re surrounded by this.
I guess the only solution is to deal the maybe a death blow. Yeah, sure, saying no to things means you’re a big “weepy” negative person, but it also means you’re honest and I’ll take that anyday over expecting a swarm of people only to get seven. Restaurants will double check your reservation these days and some even require a charge number to make your time stay concrete. Maybe Evite and others should cross maybe off their lists forever. I mean, you can always be a no and change it to a yes later. Isn’t that better? I think so.