Massive Birthday Shouts-Outs

I don’t really know how it happened, but somehow I ended up with three people with the same birthdays, in my life, which all happen to be today.
First, there is Dinko, who is cruising in to 31. Happy wishes and glad to still have you with us after a crazy 2007 for you.
Next there is Chris, my little brother who has somehow made it to being 28 with only one kid (plus three adopted) so far. Chris, I’ll tell you what I always tell you. I’m better. Just admit it. I don’t care if you’re strong now, but I’m better, so nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.
Lastly, there is Number One Fan who is turning a rather momentous age for all those who had previously been in their 20’s. This would be a large reason why we’re off to Hawaii. As you read this we’ll undoubtedly be on some beach in Maui, taking pictures of people that have more winter fat than us so that we feel better.
Oh yeah, what did I get all of you? My gift is my mention in my blog. I’ve got a whole 3 PageRank happening here, so you should feel pleased by my incredibly generous spirit. I could be linking to spam for money, but instead, I link to you, my friends and family, because I care. Seriously though, I’ll try and bring back a coconut or two.
Massive Birthday Shouts-Outs

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out and good wishes man! Enjoy your vacation in HI!

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