Marketing Catalan Pride

The French around Perpignan are a tad bit cheeky. Back in days of yore, they were actually part of Catalonia, or more specifically, Marca Hispanica. These days, they are most assuredly part of France. The French stamped out every remnant of what was old Catalonia and it has been such for a long time, so no new re-emergence of Catalan pride has sprung up (unlike Spain) until now.
No, you won’t really hear Catalan being spoken in the streets. You won’t see things double-signed on the road, except when heading south towards Spain. You won’t even see Girona spelled in the Catalan [correct] way, with the French spelling it, Gerone, because, well… they can. But you will see Catalan flags. You’ll see the red n’ gold on buses as well. You’ll also see it in stores, like we did in Auchan. It’s weird and it makes it seem like there is some new rising of Catalan culture.
But what is it, really? Quite simply, it’s a marketing gimmick. Yes, there are a few people in the Perpignan area that can truly call themselves Catalan and can even speak the language, but the truth of the matter is that all of this is to cater to Catalan tourists. Let me emphasize that that’s Catalan and not Spanish tourists. As I noted in the Auchan article, there are a lot of donkey stickers, meaning Catalans, on the cars in this area. For those who don’t know, Catalonia is quite a wealthy area overall, which is part of the reason the Spanish government will do everything they can to never let them secede.
So, these businesses and areas near the border with Catalonia are smart enough to market themselves to one of their main audiences. After all, who in the hell goes to Perpignan for a summer holiday? No one, that’s who. Who goes there to shop? Catalans and uh, some French too of course…
Marketing Catalan Pride

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  1. Who Are those Perpignan People singing l’estaca with Catalan flags in the castellet of perpignan? In Your Face…

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