Mandarin at massive volume

Don’t know if you’ve ever heard Mandarin yelled at hysterical levels, but much like food poisoning, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
I bring this up, because earlier, a Chinese woman decided to scream at someone across the street. In all fairness though, I can’t think of any language that reaches a state of eloquence when screamed. Mandarin though, gets a particular cadence to it that, in this woman’s case was accentuated by a plastic bucket she was slamming aginst the door to the building of the person she was yelling at.
I don’t really know how she kept it up for as long as she did (20 minutes or so) since after yelling “Hey, what were you thinking!” I’d be forced into a coughing fit if I were to keep up the string of verbosity that she was. Maybe she was getting weak here and there as the bucket started aiding her sentences, kind of being a period to emphasize her point whatever that was.
So, I guess if you do need to scream at someone, make sure to take a kitchen item, since it could help to get you point across. Banging and hitting are, afterall a universal language.