Man, that’s a lot of NGO’s. Vote for mine!

Well, as you can see below, San Francisco is not hurting when it comes to the number of registered NGO’s (non-profits) in the city limits. I can’t remember the specific figure, but it’s somewhere in the multiple thousands. So to say that you’re the director of an NGO in San Francisco is pretty much San Francisco-ese to say, “Hello.”
Anyways, I’ve mentioned the one that I’m working for, Maneno, which naturally I think is a pretty cool organization to get more Africans actually being part of the discussion about Africa and to work on preserving African languages in the digital world. Both are not easy feats which is why the organization is always on the lookout for funding. If you are on Facebook and would be so kind as to help out, vote for Maneno in the Chase Community Giving competition. Thanks and and have a pleasant tomorrow.
Man, that's a lot of NGO's.  Vote for mine!