Make Sure to Get Your Cringely

If you don’t know of him, Robert X. Cringely – is a clever fellow. He writes about all things technology, looking at trends, analyzing what’s going on and seeing where stuff is headed. He’s had some great articles on Net Neutrality recently. He also is a pretty amazing guy who can foreshadow the future really well. Rightly so, in his article covering the Apple announcement on the 12th, he pretty much nailed everything that was going to be announced and also knew the reason for it. Naturally he mentions that he knew of this about a year and a half ago. Whether it’s insiders that he knows or just a great sense for pronostication, he’s a good read.
Admittedly, it can get technical at points, but being challenged is a good thing. He also “kinda” updates once a week. Sometimes it’s faster, sometimes it’s slower. Whatever the case, it always a good read and he’s got one of the few blogs (although he’s actually going to be fully converting to this format properly in the future) that I know of with a PageRank of eight. Pretty awesome seeing as how Hudin here only has a three and I’ve done a lot to earn that three.