Make it Stick

I stumbled on this People’s Park article about the nefarious Free Box over there. Typical crap really. I have also always wondered if it was because of this event in history that both, “people’s park” and “peoples’ park” are considered correct grammar.
CW Nevius does a really good job summing up the problem and the history. I’d just like to add that in the three years I lived in Berkeley, anytime I had to walk by this thing (which is basically an anchored dumpster with a “lovey” name) I would always see a pile of dirtbags haggling over the junk that was there and getting in fights about it.
The Free Box is an outdated concept. Like most things in this country, scope has gotten out of whack with actuality. Such as the fact Berkeley thinks its this little hippie commune, when really its one of the larger cities in the Bay Area with a big traffic problem and a group of people running it who have no business in civic government. Such is also the Free Box. A central, one stop shop for everyone in the area. This doesn’t work. I know this because in my apartment building, we have a couple of “free” areas. I’m sure this is the case anywhere. Someone has something they don’t really need and they set it there. If it goes unclaimed for some time, it gets tossed. The concept is good, but like most things in Berkeley, the implementation is bad. I remember joking for awhile that the city council was working on a “Hardware for the Homeless” program to outfit anyone on the street with a laptop. People actually thought it was something they were doing there. That’s how close to being derailed the thought trains are in Berkeley. Of course, most folks don’t realize that they would never call someone homeless in Berkeley. I believe something along the lines of “structurally displaced citizens” would be where they would go.
I’d also like to add that in searching through this site for info on this, I came across my Monkey Dog article I wrote in 2004, which I find really funny and you should too. If you don’t, I’ll come and picket your house you shoddy capitalist!