Lowest Common Worker

Okay, so do you know what a NID is? Probably not, unless your in some kind of networking trade as I am. That, in technical terms, is a J-Box, where in the Trunc line is dispersed to its nodes. For the lay person, that’s the box in my apartment where the main phone line comes in and is spread out to all the apartments.
You may be thinking, “Huh, hard to make it out, it looks like a mess.” You’re darn tootin’ it is. It is a hodge podge of all the wires that have been run for phone lines over the last few decades. Now, why on earth wouldn’t anyone clean that up? Simple, they don’t care.
You get these guys out here to work on a phone in one of the 35 units in the building and all they care about is getting whatever they need to do done. In addition to this, know you’ve got several different companies all doing it AND you’ve got data lines like DSL coming into the mix. Toss all that together and you get a wire salad.
It’s most annoying because, I just won’t stand for junk like that at my office. If someone wires up something in that fashion, they’re going to redo it, or never touch the junction box again, because with time, that all gets to be a mess. But, here we are in short-sighted Corporate America and we end up with things like this, since people don’t want to take 30 seconds to label the stuff they’ve done.
I’m not a big fan of the work they do, so I usually try to do it myself and I’ve labelled my lines. It’s pretty funny that someone along the way labelled my line as being the Manager. I guess it’s because most building managers don’t do much telecom work and one guy ended up talking with me about it and now I get asked questions a lot. If it means that my DSL and phone don’t get nixed, then I’m more than happy to oblidge.