Lovely Toilets

My friend, Zagreb Dinko wrote on his blog recently about his frustrations with American toilets. I have to say that while I’ve not written about this here, he is right on all points. We have a real sense of denial about bodily things here. That’s not a water fountain in your bathroom, Kohler. Build it accordingly.

On a similar note, I’m sorta happy to say that they’ve installed automatic flushers on the toilets at the office I sometimes work at. At first I was thrilled, since anything that brings a toilet to the level of airport toilet (simply the best on the planet and a bar by which to measure all others), but I have to say that these kinda disappoint. They’re too fast, made of plastic, and robbed me of a great deal of control I once enjoyed. But more importantly, is nobody freakin’ potty trained anymore?!! You know, the only reason they install these is because people don’t flush anymore. It’s not for cleanliness, oh no. I remember another office that I worked at sometimes where people would just run out like these naughty little children when they were done in there, a grin on their face as they, “got away with it”. And I’m not talking about Jackass-esque guys being idiots. I’m talking about 55 year old sales women.

I guess that people in the US always think that there is someone from Mexico or the Philippines, or Eastern Europe who will literally deal with their poo. Wake up folks because I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I think all our problems in this country today are starting in the bathroom. Ergh. Peace out and remember to flush… if you are still allowed control of that action.

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  1. This is really just a test, but I’ve apparently inspired a Spanish friend to write about American toilets as well. I hope I haven’t started something deadly here.

    1. hah, seems like this is a topic that lots of people have thoughts on, but it just doesn’t get discussed much!

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