Love those Conchords. Love that French.

It is only recently that I’ve gotten in to Flight of the Conchords. I blame this on not having HBO and not really being very hip. Regardless, I have finally found these two fellows and have found them to be brilliant.
In an article a little be related to the previous one on the 8th, I picked out the genius clip below. Admittedly, it is not Business Time or Motha Uckas which are also hilarious, but it is funny even to those who speak the most basic French. That’s the point and it’s scary to find that when asking for a croissant, I have found myself in a similar point of assing out. Just like when I’m at the ATM and wonder, “Gee, how about trying some Español for once?”
Anyways, this is funny on many levels. Enjoy.

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