When it comes to putting a video online, you’ve basically have two choices: YouTube with its unabashedly bad quality and popup ads, or all the other guys. In all these other guys, I am the biggest fan of Vimeo (you can watch some of my measly videos here).
Why do I like Vimeo? For a lot of reasons, the biggest one being that it has a straightforward and elegant interface like dopplr while at the same time being incredibly full-featured. Sure, it doesn’t have all the social media components of YouTube, but videos look great on the service and you can toss just about any format, aspect ratio, frame rate, or whatever at it and it will process it correctly, unlike YouTube. Also, much like flickr, they have a plus feature that is actually worth spending the money on if you really want to pump out videos, although their free option is quite good.
I bring this up because people I know have been making good use of the service as well. Jonathan Marks has recently put up a good series of videos he made at the Africa Gathering. They look sharp even though they were obviously done off-the-cuff.
But why do I pimp Vimeo so much? Is it low bandwidth? By no means as video, by definition is not low bandwidth (although Vimeo is generally lighter than YouTube). What it is, is a simple solution for those looking to upload their videos and be in control of their content. If someone has the bandwidth in Africa to upload videos, then I recommend them and at some point, I’ll probably even pay for their Plus package as I want them to stay around without a situation such as Google being YouTube’s sugardaddy. We need these independent channels for easy video dissemination to spread the information via moving picture.
Love thee thine Vimeo