Love Fest 2007 – My Bass Dosage for a Year

Well, it just happened again today, the San Francisco Love Fest, which is actually a branch of the Love Parade that started in Berlin in 1989, but there are some rights issues to the name that make it be the Love Fest here. Whatever the case, it’s a good time and a good thing for San Francisco. Admittedly, I think that it’s something for girls and the gay guys in town, but even still, it’s entertaining. The costumes can get pretty wild. The people are all in a good mood. And man, is there a lot of techno and electronica. I’m not usually a tremendous fan, but what that kind of bass hits a large group of people who are all in to it, it’s hard not to enjoy the thump, thump, thump.
How to describe this for someone who hasn’t seen it, since this is only the fourth year for it in San Francisco and it’s a bit new to us? Firstly, view my Love Fest Photo Gallery. Secondly, it’s a parade to start with that ends at Civic Center Plaza for a big fat party. The parade is a bit raucous, but fun. The floats are all big trucks with massive sound systems and DJ’s each mixing something different. This part makes it a bit akin to Mardi Gras. Otherwise, I would say that it’s a lot like Bay to Breakers. The key differences being that the costumes in B2B are better (people seem to just dress in their underwear for Love Fest if they can’t think of what to wear), there is a good deal less drinking of alcohol than B2B, a great deal more drinking of energy drinks, and a lot more drug use then B2B, which is an actual race after all. Also, the party rages on a bit longer.
I would say that if you’re in town to check it out. Everyone is super, duper happy and it’s one of those things that gets us labeled as the Whacko Left Coast. Of course, this is a good thing for those of us who live here.
Love Fest 2007 - My Bass Dosage for a Year