Lord Save Me Now

Hideous CrapTo the right has to be one of the more hideous things ever created by the hand of man. Apparently (and written about first at What Would Tyler Durden Do?) this weird, deformed entity is supposed to be Britney Spears giving birth. It is at the Capla Kesting poo hole of a gallery somewhere in New York. I’ve never been there, but the fact they show something so incredibly horrid and the fact they’re making a big deal about it being Pro-Life art, probably says I never want to go there. Much like people with MFA’s that won’t display my photos in even small galleries because I don’t have a “theme” or a “message” or a… I lost my thought focus. That always happens when thinking about graduate degrees in art. Oh yeah right, this is crap. We need to ditch the thought that somehow because there is an accompanying paragraph with a work that in some way it’s art with some form of staying power. It’s not. It’s headed straight for the basement, once the schmoozers who got it noticed in the first place have their backs turned.
I don’t think that a birthing Britney grabbing on to a bear’s head will stay around unless they start making knock-off coffee tables modelled on this hunk of junk and even then, they’d absolutely need to have a glass top so that you could properly do coke on them.
Doesn’t Pro-Life get it, that they aren’t artists? They have no creativity. They are vapid consumers cast adrift in a world of materialistic pointlessness. They do exactly what their figureheads tell them and they all agree, “Yes, we must think for ourselves.”
Argh, I just looked at that crappy thing again! Shivers.