Looking Like you Care the Affleck Way

Ben Affleck is in Congo again. He was already there a few months ago and ended up creating a short piece that was aired on American primetime television. Affleck is definitely one of the least annoying celebrities to hit Africa this year, especially when compared to that jaunty Rankin fellow as he keeps going back. But even still, what is he doing there? He claims to be trying to draw attention to the region; a region that if anything, is not lacking for attention, as opposed to clean drinking water which they could use just a dash more of. So what is it? Simply put, Affleck is obviously embarking on Celebrity Humanitarian Fashion Education.
While not the best acronym, CHFE is incredibly crucial to all celebrities that want to journey to a crisis-stricken region and have it be known that they do indeed care as you can see in the way they dress that they’re ready for anything. It is critical not to make a fashion faux pas like she did. Those sunglasses may block the equatorial sun that is indeed strong (I got knocked down for three days with sunstroke after being an idiot) but they’re just too fancy and out of touch. They’re not a classic Ray Ban or other “rugged” travel sunglasses. No, Affleck is on to something here and he’s going to get a lot of recognition for it. All the Paris Hiltons will never be caught offguard again and for that, the celebrity world will be ever so thankful. The actual people living in Africa? Well, there is so much hope and they’re such survivors, that they’ll probably just manage.
Looking Like you Care the Affleck Way

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  1. Clearly, all the lazy tribesmen are busy looking at what I can only assume where a dozen photographers following Bej around, rather than looking at him, as they clearly should have been.

  2. Yeah, I can picture the #1 question on the tip of all their tongues, “Why does everyone seem to care so much about this large-foreheaded mzungu?”

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