London Sunday

If you are popping through London with a connection flight, then do it on a Sunday. If you have only one day to spend in London as you may be popping through, avoid Sunday at all costs.
Here’s the thing about London on Sundays, it’s dead. Now, this is most likely just due to the central area not having things for all of us visiting tourists to do, but at the same time, it’s a tricky situation. There are virtually no plays or shows on Sunday. I seem to remember that the last time we were there, there were no shows on Monday. I don’t know if this changed recently, but it caught us a bit off guard. Also, most stores, restaurants, etc. all have limited hours on Sunday, from around 12:00 to 18:00 at the most. So, shopping is a bit of a tough item to come by.
What can you do on a Sunday in London then? If the weather is nice, then the parks will be nice, as well as full of people to watch, which is always fun. While the shops have limited hours, they’re still open, so try and get in a few hours of shopping if you feel the need. The museums are also usually open, so you can check out the exhibits, but be warned they’ll probably be packed, so maybe hit up a few early on with some shops later on. Then of course, there are movie theaters. Naturally, there are the big ones where you can see the big releases, but there are also small ones like the Prince Charles Theater right off Leicester Square where you can find some great movies playing at VERY cheap prices.
Just be forewarned about the Sunday lull in this great city and you’ll do fine.