London Spray

It looks like the new fog sweeping London that is all the rage is one that is sprayed. It is sprayed on the body, slighty orangeish in color and apparently is tried to pass off as a tan. You don’t see too many guys with this affliction over there, but the epidemic is running rampant with the ladies.
I have to admit, the fake tan technology has come a long way in recent years and people who get them do look a bit better than they used to, but I need to emphasize this is only a bit. Fake tans still look fake. The reason being that they’re too even, always the same color, and have covered everything on the body.
Maybe to folks in the greater London area, this isn’t too apparent, but coming from a sun-loving state like California, they stand out pretty well. The stand out markedly well when you’ve just come from the Adriatic where people have many varying shades of sun exposure from mellow brown to stark raving red. Once you see the difference (myself having a nice brown coloring to parade around) between the real and faux, it is very obvious.
And this begs the question of course, which my wondering how much people are paying for these fake tans, since it would seem that a 200 Euro round trip to Dubrovnik flight on British Airways or a 60 pound round trip flight to Ljubljana and then down to Istria on EasyJet (or down to Spain or Italy) would provide a much more believable tan. I realize that there is some effort in getting down the to the Med from London, but it seems to have a better reward. Yeah, it’s probably healthier to not go bake in the sun, but still it makes me wonder…