London is Better for Luggage

After having lugged anywhere from a small backpack to two rolling suitcases, a large backpack, and my shoulder back through many a town in Europe, I’ve learned that there are those that are better for schlepping and those that are worse. Back in the day when it was just me and what was on my back (damn you idiotic liquid restrictions), I didn’t have to worry about this so much. But, as I travel for longer periods of time and haul back wine, ham, and the occasional coffee set, I seem to need to have to have more luggage. It sucks, but this is the way it goes. I can only imagine what a nut I’ll be when I have kids someday.
It was during this most recent trip where I came to realize that London really kicks ass when it comes to helping you along through the Underground. There are escalators everywhere (that are operational) and for the most part, there are no sudden bumps in the corridors where you have to quickly walk up a set of five stairs to go down a set of five stairs two meters later. That. Is crap. You happen to see this a bit in the Barcelona Metro stations, such as Passeig de Gracia, which is a station that people are frequenting a great deal with luggage, going to the airport or other distant locations. And nobody likes this, but they have to deal with it.
In short, Londoners are pretty spoiled with the ease of their public transit, when it comes to the schlep. The only place that I think is initially better is San Francisco, but because there are so few transit lines once you get out of the main ones, you’re relatively screwed. So, all the hail the London Underground! Just try not to get stuck in a Tube strike while you’re there like we did. That sorta makes all the nice escalators seem like a river taking you right in to a bucket of steaming poo.
London is Better for Luggage

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  1. It’s no worse than the TSA rummaging through your athletic underwear, looking at what Trader Joe’s vitamins you are bringing home, and leaving a note saying, “Hey, thanks for letting us men look through your male underwear. We love that. You are definitely not a terrorist.”

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