Introducing Online Africa

I’ve recently come across the site Online Africa which really picked up publishing steam in this month of October. The site has great loads of promise, working to cover connectivity issues across the African continent. No small feat obviously as there are a great many countries and a great many issues.
One of the things that the site is trying to do that makes it relatively unique in what it’s covering is to break down data in to individual countries. There is a great deal of data out there and it’s good to see someone else trying to make use of it and present in an easy to digest form.
Of course, there are others writing about these topics as well, so people may ask as to what is the point of another blog? I would counter that the point is to have more of a conversation and to have as many people covering what happens in regards to the connectivity for the billion people living on the African continent. When Apple has the smallest of bowel movements, there are literally thousands of blogs echoing news about said bowel movement. When a cable lights up internet for millions in Africa, are there even 100 blogs that cover the event?
So, I’m really happy to see Online Africa start up. I wish the site a great deal of luck and hope it will grow and cover more over time.
Introducing Online Africa

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  1. Thanks miquel, I agree with your thoughts on the addition of another site into this niche. A top priority is to minimize major overlaps with content and ideas on other sites (such as this one). There certainly is a point where the marginal benefits of adding another site on African connectivity will diminish. However, the African ICT development category has yet to see that day, and I feel we will rejoice when it arrives. Here in the United States, relatively few people even know what the term ‘ICT’ constitutes.

    Currently my country-specific pages are in a pretty rough state, and link to some outdated content, but I’m hoping to get some quality information on there. It’s amazing how rapidly the connectivity landscape is evolving.

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