Life Under Proxy

So, let me get a little technical for a moment. You see, out there in the work and professional world there exists the IT Manager/Director who tries to enforce how people use the internet at a office. For awhile, when I did my stint in this field, I tried to do this, but found it to be futile and get people to hate me so I stopped bothering and let people run around doing whatever the want. Human Resources could deal with any issues that there were, not me.
There is technology that can make this type of censorship possible. One specific device that many insecure little IT minions use is called a Proxy Server. I will not bore you with the details of this except suffice to say it gives the IT boys infinite control in one spot for all the sites and places that people in an office can visit. For the man who can’t buy a Porsche, this is a dream come true. For the end user, it makes life hell.
The biggest problems in using these is that they’re old technology and while there are new ones out there that are supposed to be good, they really suck for the most part. Having this one point where all internet traffic is funneled creates a massive bottleneck in the transport of electronic information. This generally results in the damned device crashing often. Then of course there’s the fact that un-Porsched guys can’t configure the things correctly to save their lives and wonderful things happen such as when you try to go to a site that doesn’t exist and it crashes your browser. Super sucko.
I could go on and on about how these get overloaded and just what a generally bad idea they are, but I’d like to offer and alternative which is to stop caring and buy more bandwidth. There is one Sometimes Office that I’ve worked at where they had two T1 connections (pretty fast) and they weren’t enough speed for the office. So, instead of buying a $70 a month DSL connection that would have been three times faster than what was there, the IT guy decided to put in the proxy server to control things. This ended up being one of many bad moves by the guy.
I managed to live with it, but the office suffered a lot of downtime. Why they keep him around, I don’t get it, but I realized now why IT is so hated and I’m thrilled not to be part of it anymore!