Here and There

It’s been awhile since I’ve pulled together a round up of interesting articles that have passed my way, so I’ll take a breather from lobbing complaints about Gaddafi and talking about Mali to point out what some other people are saying.
Outsourcing to Africa
Basically the antithesis to the scare article that came out a few days ago. The article points to the fact that with four undersea cables touching down by the end of the year in Kenya, it will go from a country of minimal bandwidth, to a major player in the internet markets.
Sudan Water Silos
Pretty cool silos designed to irrigate Sudan. Much better than just having a tank with a pump sitting somewhere. They also portend a future design focus on renewable energy platforms as public art, much like how the parabolic trough became mainstream through using it as a set piece in the film, Gattaca. HT A Bombastic Element
PayPal in South Africa
The good news is that PayPal has launched in South Africa. The bad news is that like most companies doing business in Africa (even South Africa), there is a great deal of trepidation to the venture and it isn’t nearly as good a setup as in North America or Europe. And then they’ll claim that it was a failure due to the African market being untenable because you know, they tried. Go figure.