Save the US, switch to Metric

Let's save the US.  Let's switch to Metric.

You know, now is the time for the US to properly move in to using the Metric System and finally go through Metrication. Sure, we tried to get in to it in 1975 but here we are still trying to remember how many teaspoons are in gallon. It didn’t happen, but I’m saying that now is the time.

In case you haven’t noticed, our economy is kinda screwed at the moment. Why not have a large federal cash infusion that spawns jobs through changing all our road signs to kilometers? How about Public Service Campaigns? There are jobs there too. Not to mention that people would actually buy things again so that all home commodities were in Metric.

Sure, this is a big job, but we need to do it some day. After all, we don’t need to lose another $328 million in an accident like the Mars Climate Orbiter. No one really likes to talk about that one, since it was the craptastics of inherited software based on American Imperial that destroyed that little project.

I realize that we can easily blame Spain and Britain for our crapped up system, but we just need to move to Metric. We need to be part of the world. We need have a measurement system that makes sense so that our students aren’t the sordid lot they are. After all, I can barely remember that there are 5,280 feet in a mile, but I can always remember that there are 1,000 meters in a kilometer. It’s almost like the powers that be in the US want people to remain dumb, as if learning Metric would free the American from some form of standards bondage that has so far kept us in line. Well, we did elect Bush to two terms, so maybe there’s some truth in that.

All, I know is that we’re one of three countries in the world still on this backwards system. Hell, even the inventors of our current system (the British), don’t even use it anymore because it’s such a piece of junk. In case you’re wondering, the other two countries are Liberia and Burma. Liberia is a country with an annual GDP of $300 million. That’s what the entire country generates for revenue, which is less than what the satellite we lost above Mars cost. And Burma? They’re ruled by an extremely repressive military junta. Come on, we’re the US, we can do a lot better.

Unfortunately, while I lead my day to day life in Metric as it’s just so much easier, the rest of the US doesn’t really take the hint. So, for people of a similar mind, write to President Obama. Thankfully we have a president how finally might be open to this as we aren’t the ‘Merkin People anymore. Also, while it’s probably not worth much in the end, join the Facebook Group. At least you’ll be able lament the issue with like-minded folks.

Anyways, the change to Metric is coming. Let’s make it now. Let’s put Americans to work. Let’s set our measurement systems to work with the world and free ourselves from the Tyranny of Teaspoons.