Let the Berlusconi Quotes Begin!

On April 13th and 14th, Italy hits the polls again and at the top of the heap of contenders for prime minister is of course Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s favorite idiot politician. Back in 2006, I was traveling through Croatia and followed the election that he thankfully lost to Romano Prodi. Most people thought it was the beginning of the end for Silvio. Ah but no, this brazen ass is back in the public spotlight and even considered to be the front runner to win the election again. It’s a good thing his fraud trial was put on hold so, you know, he could focus on the election a bit more.
Anyways, the main reason that Berlusconi gets under my skin more than Sarkozy and to some degree, even more than Bush at times is because of the ludicrous things the man says. Whereas Sarkozy is a blatant racist jackass and Bush a moron, Berlusconi is rampantly obnoxious and filled with the thought his every word warms the Italian heart. Being that the election is mere days away, the quotes have indeed started coming with this heap of letters jabbing my eye yesterday:
“My Latin is good enough that I believe I could even have a lunch with Julius Caesar” source
Ah… genius. It’s almost as good as the time former Prime Minister Aznar of Spain (super conservative, super Spanish nationalist) said that he spoke Catalan in private with friends.
Keep your eyes out for other beauties from Silvio in the next few days, especially if he starts to get desperate. In 2006 he called himself “the Jesus Christ of Italian politics” source. That was a gem.
As an added bonus and if you’re really bored at work, check out Silvio dry humping a meter maid. He’s got good form for an old bugger.
Let the Berlusconi Quotes Begin!