As you can see in the screen capture of a twit below, even Israelis are getting tired of the lopsided coverage of the ongoing, never ending, ridiculous Israel-Palestine conflict that we’ve had with us for over a half century now. As always, this latest bout has been a massive loss of life and a horrid continuation of a war that just won’t stop that ends up killing countless civilians in its wake. But, these things happen everywhere in the world. Why is it that when say, the Rwanda Genocide was happening, we heard nearly nothing about it in the us?
I find it amazing that a local paper I read a great deal like the SF Chronicle goes along with local coverage of news and events. The occasional US national item will pop in there and then BAM, 200 killed in Gaza Strip offensive. Yet, there is no coverage about the peaceful elections taking place today in Ghana or in any events happening in the rest of Africa unless of course it’s massive atrocity in the Congo.
It’s just the epitome of the lazy journalist and one of the reason that print media is dying. No one goes out and finds the stories anymore. Sure, they find out about what’s happening in Israel, but that’s their “go-to” foreign location. Anywhere else is largely ignored because trying to get there, digging in, and writing a proper story is too taxing and these days, too expensive despite the irony that flights cost a lot less than they did 20 years ago.
Yeah, I’ll admit that getting in to the Kivus of Eastern Congo isn’t the easiest place to get to, but Accra? Please… These aren’t cut off locations in the middle of nowhere. They’re large cities with regular flights and for the most part a great many have solid infrastructure that even the biggest loser newsman should be able to get around on.
Of course, as I’m reading “Chief of Station Congo: Fighting the Cold War in a Hot Zone” by Larry Devlin right now, I’m realizing that the US didn’t give a fat rip about Africa until about 1960 or so. This naturally gave the whole shebang in Israel a nice, decade plus to be in the news more before Africa was even realized to exist.
Lazy Journalists Attack