Larrys and (K)Cats

What indeed is in a name? As weird as it may same, quite a bit. As myself and others have found, there are two names in particular that sort of bring out something in the people that possess them and the weird part is that they’re both abbreviations. I speak of Larry and Kat (or Cat).
Let’s start with Larry as it’s the shortened version of Laurence typically. Larrys are usually kinda odd. A lot of them lead an alternative life it seems. Maybe I’ve been exposed to more of this because I’ve been to more art shows than a normal person should and I’ve met many middle aged Larrys who are balding, have a ponytail and wreak of weed and unwashed jeans. But, there is one gleaming example of the oddness of being Larry, which is The Matrix. There are two Larrys there. There is Laurence Fishburne. He’s a pretty normal seeming guy. An accomplished actor and a man with his wits about him. Then there is Larry Wachowski who was actually a ‘Laurence’ at birth. He’s a bit different, as he’s currently going through what they now call “gender reassignment”. Old school people like me just call it getting a sex change. I think this best sums up my Larry theory. One chooses to be a Larry and when one does, it appears that it is much more than a name. I can’t think of any famous Larrys that are maintream. Maybe others can?
Now there are (K)Cats who are ladies who shortened their names from Cathy or Kathryn or Katherine or Katarina or one of the other many versions of this name. Growing up with Cathryn for a mother, she was never a Cat. She could be Cathy, but never Cat. Much as is the same with Larrys, there is something about (K)Cats that is odd. Not that they’re freaks or anything, but they all seem to have very busy, hectic lives. At least, this is the case with all the (K)Cats I’ve met and all the ones my mother, a potential Cat, have found.
Why do I bring this up? Because people always want to call me Mike. I’m a Michael dammit. I will never be a Mike. People tried in High School and I gave in then, but I really want to be a Michael. Why? Simple, Michaels are professional, serious, and whatever else. Mikes play football and make pizza. Do I always live up to what my name should be? Eh, probably not, but at least I gots somethin’ to strive fer.