Lacking Science of Cold Medication

I’m getting over a whopper of a cold. Of course, the fact that I didn’t want to sit still while I had it didn’t help me in getting over it.
What I think is most frustrating about having a cold in the 21st century is the fact that there must be a cure to these damned things out there. In fact, I seem to remember a product that was on the market for maybe two weeks, which was an inhaler that killed the cold virus off in the lungs and permanently knocked it out of you.
Not surprisingly, you can’t find any trace of this thing now and most likely that’s due to the lengthy isle of cold symptom reliefs that exist. There is no money in a cure. There is definitely money in a prolonged illness that you must take a repeated dose of something for.
While I can get over a cold, there are many things that people can’t get over and this current, market driven drug development system we have in the US is quite literally killing people off. Case in point was my father. He had a rare type of cancer, which there was a drug for that you had to take th rest of your life once diagnosed with the condition, but it would save you. The only catch is that it cost $5,000 a month. He was able to get on the drug about a year ago, but that wasn’t enough to save him and he passed away several months due to complications with his illness.
This drug issue has also come into importance because many Americans are getting their drugs from Canada these days, since you can get them at up to 50% off what you can get from the US. Same damn drug, just a different cost, since the Canadian goverment limits what manufacturers can charge for prescription drugs. This has caused a lot of controversy of course, since Canadians aren’t too keen on Americans taking all of their drugs from them, since we, afterall we apparently use 53% of all the drugs in the world. That’s a crazy figure, since a very large percentage of the people in country are uninsured.
Well, this is all a far cry from there not being a cure for the common cold, but I think this all shows a huge problem in health care in this country, since afterall, there should never be any profit in the illness and suffering of others.