BarCamp Swaziland: Going straight to mobile

On June 27, 2009 in Mbabane, Swaziland the first technology BarCamp will take place. Being billed as, “the first technology unconference in the last monarchy in Africa” it promises to be an interesting event. Well, BarCamps are always interesting because they’re an equal platform for all to share and learn with even the worst mix of folks bringing about an interesting result. But, where there is often a wifi base set up for the event so that everyone in attendance can twit, blog, and whatever else, this BarCamp will be conducted completely on the mobile.
This makes sense given the ubiquity of mobile handsets in Swaziland (penetration at around a whopping 90%!) and the fact that on this side of Africa, the fiber channels are still lacking, although that will change soon.
I personally have no idea how all of this is going to go down, although I hear that the data network in Swaziland is pretty good. But while I am very comfortable doing all kinds of activities within the confines of the QWERTY keyboard on my Blackberry, there are a number of things that my big ogre hands require the use of a laptop for–coding being one of them. So, I’m really quite interested to see how all of this will come about and how their Twitter coverage will go as that’s going to get expensive, texting it from Swaziland.
The main group working to get this event going is Youth Assets. There is also the official website, Twitter @barcampswaz, and even a Facebook page. It appears that the web front of this mobile event is well setup. I’m really quite bummed that I won’t be able to be there, but I look forward to the coverage, especially embarrassing photos of the after party because oh yes, I know there will be an after party.
BarCamp Swaziland: Going straight to mobile

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  1. You guys should look into getting a donation from Twitter for covering the cost of tweeting from the barcamp. I’m sure they could do something?

    On the other hand, shouldn’t most of the people have a twitter client on their phones?

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