But is it hosted locally, Google?

Some decently cool news on the YouTube front is that Google has decided to launch a South African version of the site. The article is a bit vague and i was left wondering if they are hosting all that content in South Africa? For those unaware, YouTube viewing eats up an inordinate amount of African bandwidth. Folks in Ghana have told me that it’s something like 70% of the country’s bandwidth. I’ve also been told that in Cameroon, the situation is similar and I’d bet that anywhere with decent bandwidth in Africa, people will see similar statistics.
This is the reason that I’m curious if Google has planted a cache server in South Africa to keep all this potentially local traffic local, while at the same time mirroring it to the outside world in order to conserve precious, precious bandwidth in both directions. It’s pretty obvious that they’ve launched this site as the World Cup is going to be generating piles and piles of video footage in the next couple of months and they most likely wanted a focus for this in order to target ads heavily. But still, I’m curious as to how they went about this implementation and if it’s just a fork of the main YouTube site sitting in Mountain View, Calfiornia. If anyone has heard anything additional, it would be nice to know.