Isn’t Gaddafi old enough to know when to shut up?

Normally I stick to technology here, but Gaddafi has finally hit a sour note with me as I read his latest ramblings:

…Nigeria should follow the model of Yugoslavia, after previously saying it should be divided into two – along the lines of India and Pakistan.

I assume that he’s backpedaling because using the India/Pakistan split for the model of dividing Nigeria in to separate countries would be suicidal. The Yugoslavia reference is just about as stupid given that that breakup cost a quarter million lives and is still not a solved problem 15 years later. Part of the thing that made the Yugoslavia breakup “easier” than what happened in India is the fact that there were pre-established borders for the countries wishing to separate. This is not the case in Nigeria. You can’t just draw these arbitrarily as no one will ever be happy with the result. And maybe it should be mentioned that Muslim and Christian populations live side by side in most areas of Western Africa as was much more the case in Bosnia Herzegovina than anywhere else in former Yugoslavia. Thus you end up with bloodshed and what is basically a failed unity government when you try to split things up.
It should be noted that one of somewhat stabilizing (as well as heavily nationalizing) forces in former Yugoslavia was the concept of a singular, national language for all the breakaway states. While Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian are all basically the same language, people still unified behind a single national language, even though there are three very distinct dialects in a place like Croatia.
If one were to apply this type of thinking to Nigeria, take a look at this language map of the region. Those would be some pretty twisted up looking countries and it would still solve nothing.