Kinda Missing the Point

I was across the street having a tea at my local coffee place a couple days ago. Naturally, I brought along my laptop to plunk away at things and multi-task when I really should have been socializing. Of course, I wonder how much socializing one is to do when in a cafe these these days. You look around and see everyone glued in to their iPod buds and laptops. Sure, there are a couple of people having chats and out of towners looking across maps, planning their expeditions for the day, but then there are the oddballs who are sitting by themselves. I admit, I am occassionally one of these oddballs who just wants to have a tea outside, but you usually get joined by others soon, since there are a lot of regulars in my hood and we all know each other. However, on this particular day that I was there, a woman was just gabbing on her cellphone next to me. She didn’t have a coffee, tea, or anything to drink. She was just sitting there in the cafe, by herself, on her phone. And it wasn’t a quick thing either. She was on her phone the whole hour I was there and much after I left I’m sure.
It’s as if you jsut want to reach over to someone like that, touch them lightly on the arm and say, “You have a problem with technology. Please, talk to me. I want to help you to be social.” Then again, I guess it’s just easier to pop in the headphones and hunker down in the laptop. I still think we’re all missing the point though. Just because we’re out, we’re not really out. It will be skunkin’ weird once the Park is fully blanketed in WiFi and people will sit out on the lawns, typing away like they do in Union Square now.