Kill the downloads, kill the box office?

Lately, for Spaniards the only thing more important than cigarettes and bitching about the economy has been the now-defunct Megaupload. For thousands, maybe even millions, this was how the people of Spain watched movies and TV shows. In the case of movies, it was often due to the fact that there is still in place this asinine system of releasing a blockbuster film from the US months after its Los Angeles debut. That and the fact that people are kinda/have pretty much always been broke meant that the shutdown of Megaupload has left Spaniards with little to watch.

Seeing as how people can’t afford to have more kids either (usually the #2 option after watching TV) you’d think that they’d all be flocking to the movie theaters to fill up their corporeal hours. But, as it turns out, they’re not. In fact, the same weekend that Megaupload was taken down, ticket sales dropped 18% when compared to the same weekend in 2011.

It’s rather bizarre and as Pau Brunet is quoted saying in the article, you can’t make a large judgment based solely on one weekend. I would agree and people will have to watch and see if there is a general downward trend in theater attendance if Spain continues to be deprived of Megaupload and others like it.