Kick Ass Maps

I have yet to figure out why, but for some reason, you can’t get Freytag & Berndt maps anywhere in the US. I don’t know why since these have to be some of the best maps to ever grace my eyes. Admittedly, they are only in German as they’re an Austrian company who doesn’t see the need to make their maps or website in English, but in truth, who needs maps to be in their language? You’re looking at cities and streets that are in the mapped country’s native language and that’s all you really need. Oh, I should add that they do make some attempt at English with part of the legend on the map in English.
These are the only maps that are worth a damn for Croatia and I was very thankful to see that their newest versions include the name coastal highway. In fact, the new versions include everything. There is some of the smallest minutia you can imagine on these things. It looks like down to the house in some of the rural, outlying areas. I don’t know how they do it other than with satellite and visiting in person, but it’s an amazing feat and I’m thankful that they’re out there, mapping the world in a purchaseable form.
Ah, so where to get the maps? The closest place I’ve found is in Canada, which is sad, since it costs nearly as much in shipping as it does for the map. Getting multiple maps in one go is probably your best bet as I would think the shipping costs would go down then. Map Town up in Calgary seems to be the place. The staff I’ve written to up there are quite helpful and nice. I still wish I could get these in the US, but in lieu of that, I will be placated by Map Town in the meantime.