Keeping Track of Everything

I found that I have suddenly become a person of appointments. How did this happen? Got me. I suppose it has to do with living in San Francisco and our busy, busy lives here. Growing up in Oroville, this wasn’t always the case. Of course, I was younger, but I really think things are/were slower there.
Seeing as how my head only has finite space for remembering dates and times, I’ve taken using the calendar on my RAZR a lot. It’s pretty good. It keeps track of things and it reminds me when I forget. Of course, it’s limited in what it can do and it’s a real pain to type in everything on a 10 key pad.
So, this brings me to something I have been using a lot now which is the Google Calendar. At first I thought, ah, come on, how useful is this? I’m not some high-powered jerkass who has all these things going on. But, then again, I do have stuff that happens and I forget to record it in to my phone. Seeing as how I’m always at my computer (really, I am. I’m probably at it while you’re reading this) the interface for the calendar Google put together has turned out to be really nice. Naturally, it’s based in AJAX, so you have the ease of use that you get with Gmail. And overall, it’s well thought out. This is not the thing I really like about it though.
In the usual style of Google to complete world domination while not being evil (ha… ha…) there are two great features with this calendar that I have found incredibly useful. The first one is that I can have it send me a text message for appointments when they come up. That’s handy and it renders my phone’s calendar pretty uneeded. The second thing I love is the ability to share your calendar and be invited to others’. Of course, you need to have a Google Account to pull this off, but who doesn’t have one of these? If you don’t, I’ll send you an invite. Really, it’s no problem. Be part of the “Google Family”. But this sharing ability, is in a word, “awesome”. People that I know who can see my calendar don’t ask me to do things when I go in for my waxes or hat fittings and likewise.
Just an honest plug from a user who has no interest in Google other than for it to stay usable.