Keep the 40 Hours!

For some reason, there are these people out there that, when the topic comes up about getting rid of the overtime laws and giving people the “freedom” to work however many hours they want in a day, they’re all for it. Some people seem to think that they’ll get to work four ten hour days as opposed to five eight hour days. They think this is great. It gives them control over their work or some other stupid thing.
Well, let me tell you that after coming off an 80 hour week due to some upgrades at work and working for 12 straight days, you don’t want this. You think you’ll get to work four ten hour days? Uh uh. It’s more like you’ll get to work five ten hour days and then have to come in on the weekend.
I’m lucky in that this is a one time thing for my job to get some things completed which have lapsed under previous staff. Other people don’t get it that with unscrupulous employers, they will get screwed.
Always fight any measure, proposition, or politician who tries to do away with any of the 40 hour work week laws that have been set up. All of that is just big business talking and no matter how they phrase it, it’s just one rat’s ass they’re not going to give about you. Support unions and support people who who work to make sure we don’t turn into a service-industry based country any faster than we already are.