Keep My Fingers Crossed

Okay, so after a lot of finagling, I believe that the Gallery section is finally up an running.
I tried to make it as user friendly as possible, but I think there may still be a few more tweaks and some possible rearranging to how the photos are laid out on the page, since I’m not crazy how they appear currently.
As you browse through it, as I hope you will, you will notice that there are a good number of categories. This was unavoidable, since I couldn’t think of any broader categories for things and I really wanted to break stuff down as well as I could without being too finite. It’s kinda there. Trips in the future may not neccessarily get their own category unless they have a lot of photos, but something like the Croatia section has to be broken down as 123 images in one lump are just too many. Then there is the whole search engine thing, which is also what this is for, in that if someone is looking for photos of Slovenia in general, there they are. Yeah, I’m taking what Flickr has done and applying it to my site, but I don’t see how that could ever be a bad thing.
Enjoy it all and if something is wobbly with it, let me know. I think it’s solid at this point or I wouldn’t be mentioning it. Of course, there is the fact that I don’t have a QA department other than me, so things can happen…