Karma Ain’t Magic

One thing I hadn’t added in my article last week about dangerous crosswalks was that the reason I was walking up Pine Street to Hyde was to buy a lottery ticket. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine and yes, I know, a dollar wasted.
This was of course all interupted by the fellow getting hit by the car, but after giving my report to the police, I figured I might as well go get my ticket anyways. On a whim, I got two, which is something I almost never do. I suppose my reasoning was that on the off chance I had earned some good karma by being the only person who stopped to help that guy, maybe lady luck would be mine.
So, I returned home and looked at the numbers the Tuesday after I bought the ticket to find that yes indeed… I was a loser. Does it stop me from playing? Nah, I keep doing it. It should be a good lesson in karma for everyone out there that just because you help others doesn’t mean it gets brought right back on you. The Buddhists would probably point out right now that the system works in that it affects your next reincarnation, not your current life, but that’s kinda heavy to think about.
I would like to say that there is some amount of effect of karma on your daily life, because if you’re always screwing people over, you inevitably surround yourself with that. On the flipside, if you’re always helping people, you surround youself with, uh… people who always need… help, I guess. Huh. Okay, whatever, just be a good person and don’t think about it too much. That’s probably easiest.