A quick shot of Cape Coast

I’ve been quite impressed with Cape Coast so far. It’s a small town, but a relaxed town. Of course, unless you are planning to really kick back, one or two days is really all you’d want to spend here. As with Accra, people have been very outgoing and friendly. Just walking down any random street, people are more than happy to strike up a conversation with you just because they feel like talking. They don’t want anything, just to find out where you’re from and what you’re doing in Cape Coast and most commonly from the kids, “How are you?” Sure, near The Castle, there are some slightly seedier guys who do indeed chat you up to try and hustle you, but they’re a pretty small minority and quite easy to spot. Seems that touristic sites often breed this no matter where you are in the world.
There is quite a bit of character to the town which partly stems from its growth out of the Colonial structures, but also due to the fact that the geography is a series of rolling hills that tumble down in to the water, and that Cape Coast is a very old town. Tossed in to that fact there is a constant diffusion of light near the ocean due to the vapor and you can take some pretty nice photos, as well as cloudy glasses…
Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of downsides like garbage and sewage dumped on the beach and people living in rougher conditions the further away from the center you go, but overall, it’s been mighty pleasant. This has been made even more so by the fact that friends in Accra told me that it was really expensive here, but I’ve found it to be significantly cheaper than Accra, spending $9 USD a night on a double room at the Amkred Guest House and $4 on a great meal of red red with chicken and a Coke at The Castle Restaurant. Internet costs are the same at 1 Cedi an hour or about $0.66 USD. Taxi drivers still try to screw you though as they are, the devil. Unfortunately the walk from the STC bus station (not the central station by the market) to the center is a quite long even without luggage, but that should be my last cap ride here as I’ll walk to the other bus line in the center to go to Kumasi.
A quick shot of Cape Coast

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  1. good to know that cape coast needs only a couple of days…i’m curious to see what you think of kumasi…

    see you later this week..

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