Join in the DVolution

There’s been a lot of talk about this Digital Video (or DV) stuff these days. Most people are probably wondering, “Hey, digital schmigital. How does this affect me?” Most people won’t be affected by DV directly, but there are a lot of ways that people be affected indirectly.
First and foremest, we’re seeing more independent movies being made. This is in a large part to the fact that digital is much much cheaper to shoot on. How much cheaper? Well, all the film needed to shoot a feature-length film runs about $50,000 to $100,000 in costs. That’s just the film! So, you’re out that much to start with. For a feature-length DV film, you’re going to spend maybe and I have to stress the maybe $500 for all your tape needs. Let’s also add in the fact that the cameras are cheaper, you need less lights and you can be more flexible in your shooting due to all these items.
Okay, so that takes care of independent filmmakers (or videographers if you will), but how does that change Joe Schmoe’s life? It changes it by opening up another art form to more people, but it also changes it in that capturing everyday life will become omnipresent. We’re starting to see some of this with all the security cameras around, but we’ll also see it with people who run around shooting everything. Is it good that everything in life will be recorded as time goes on? Yes and no I think. Yes, because through broadcast mediums, people will see more of the world than every possible before. No, because this will desensitize people and it will also feed this insular way of living that people have adopted of hiding in their little holes and not coming out.
Good or bad, all of this is coming down the pipes very quickly. Afterall, this is the first big advance in capturing motion picture in the last 110 years. And, it has personal meaning to me, because I’m going to start shooting my own feature-length film next month. This wouldn’t have been possible for me five years ago. It also wouldn’t be possible for so many of the people who are posting their productions at the site I run called