When driving down from Abengourou, there is this one spire that sticks up and basically serves as my indicator of where to turn in Abidjan to go down to Plateau. For those who haven’t had the thrill of driving in the Art Nouveau highway offramp designs of Côte d’Ivoire, let me tell you that when you see something like this spire, you remember it. If you don’t, you’re going to end up in Ghana before you can turn around and come back.

Anyways, for all my time in the country, I never actually managed to get up to this spire which is the top of a Catholic church. So, on my last day in the country, I set out to go visit it. This was definitely an interesting trek to set out on because while I’m sure there are easier ways to get to this church, I don’t think that any of them don’t involve driving the opposite directions at various point before you finally get there. Suffice to say, I’m glad that I went. While the exterior is a bit funked up from the climate, it’s actually an extremely nice church with a design like no other I’ve seen and that I appreciated a great deal. If you’re there, I’d recommend checking it out to show that yes, places of Christian worship don’t have to look like the European church layout.

But, in the shot below that shows the spire, I realized that it sums up Abidjan quite well with the church looming above, lush greenery, laundry drying on said greenery (common in this district), the twisty roads, an old Mercedes on said roads, mobile network advertisements, skin lightening cream advertisements, and some guy in the middle of the shot because there’s always some guy sitting in some random place. About the only thing missing would be the lagoon, which was actually a bit off the the right. Funny how one shot can show so much. A tip of my hat to Editor in Chief for getting it.

A view of a church, a view of Abidjan