There is much (or perhaps little) that can be said about US Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to Congo DRC this week. For starters, I’m guessing that the US government heard about the 9/11 attacks in 2003 since there appears to be a two year delay on fresh information. Either that or reporters are hashing together the same “blah blah blah rape. blah blah blah tool of war” that they’ve been saying for the last god knows how many years. And this does not shed light on the situation. Anyone who actually cares knows about it. How about someone such as… I don’t know, a US Secretary of State actually do something about the problem there, like working to shore up a broken government and stop the cause of the rape problem. Eve Ensler’s “rape is an epidemic” line does nothing to solve the core of the problem although it does keep her employed.
Okay, sorry, that was my counter-diatribe. I’m rather tired of the situation and those who constantly “shed light” on it as opposed to letting the Congolese speak for themselves. But what I’m not tired of is the fact that under the Obama administration, the embrace of new technologies is wide open. Case in point, the Embassy in Kinshasa has a Twitter which was apparently spurred by Clinton’s visit. I assume that it’s legitimate, but it definitely comes as a shock given that I’ve seen the inside of that extremely fortified building and it really doesn’t seem like the kind of group that would hop on Twitter. Of course, with a new president probably came a new way of thinking. It will be interesting to see how this evolves.
The Kinshasa Embassy gets in on the Twitter