I’ve Finally Had it

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer finally done did me in. Yeah, I know, I should know better than to still be using it on a Windows machine, but hey, it’s what the vast majority of people out there use and when I build up a website, I like to see what they’re seeing. Of course, I can always test a site in Explorer and use something else for my main browser.
But last night, Explorer gave me a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death for those not in the know) and I haven’t had one of those in I don’t know how long. Ever since Windows XP Service Pack 1, it’s been a pretty damn stable system. But, there is was a blue screen, staring at me in the face right after I tried to launch Explorer. Explorer has also been pretty generally janky with how it has been rendering some pages.
I decided to take the plunge. I moved over to Firefox. I imported all my Explorer info over (not all of it goes despite the fact Firefox says it will import it.) I fired it up and got everything organized and am happily browsing away on it.
Is it a better browser than Explorer? Of course! I already knew that from using Firefox on OS X, where it basically is the only truly reliable web brwoser for that platform. On Windows, it is faster, has so far been more stable, and has features (such as tabbed browsing) that make life on the Net a lot easier than it already is.
I wonder why I didn’t switch before and I really don’t have a good answer for that except for abject laziness to move over. But with Firefox continuing to grow in use, it appears I’m not the only one who has jumped on this wagon. My BSoD could very well not have been Explorer’s fault, but it was time to make the switch and that was the right excuse.