I’ve Been 85% Spoofed

Damn you Onion! I knew that one day you would find me and spoof me up good.
It pretty much all revolves around the article about a fellow they call “Fancy Man”. You can read it and if you know me, you’re bound to see some similarities. The most poignant being that the guy in the article is a web designer and he likes tea. Oh yeah, he also happens to be 29, when I’m 30. Oh yeah, there’s also the “hoity-toity copper-bottomed tea kettle” that he uses and I admit, I’m rather in to the one I’ve got since yes, it does make a difference to nuke it or boil it. Microwaves do strange things to food and beverage. It’s the last bits in the article that stray from me. Oh yeah, they also make no mention of a blog, although I’m guessing that would be implied.
I suppose that the really disturbing thing about this is not that I feel someone who knows me, spoofed me. I’m just not that cool. It’s more the fact that there are apparently more of me out there in such great numbers that The Onion could write a whole article about. That my friends, is by far more disturbing.
I've Been 85% Spoofed