It’s the Most “_______” Time of the Year

A lot of people who will see the changing light they have turned on at the top of the Transamerica Building will look at it and think that it’s nice. There are those who will probably hate it as well; proof of the subjective world we live in. Some will see it for the first time this season and for others, it may be their last. As much as the tree in Union Square, it’s gotten to be something of a symbol for Christmas in San Francisco. Personally, I like it as well, although my association has nothing to do with Christmas.
About this time, two years ago, I was finishing up the screenplay for my feature-length film “Dying in your Sleep“. I had written many films previously to this, but this was the first I was actually going to shoot and shoot it I did, at the beginning of 2004. But, before the actual shoot, I was shooting a lot of random shots around San Francisco for establishing bits and transitional scenes. The first of these happened to be a shot out my old studio apartment window at the Pyramid when it had it’s little blinking light on the top. That was it. The first scene of my first feature, shot of that building.
Of course, the sentiments are only so deep, since I later cut the scene from the film because it hindered the flow, so I suppose that only I should know the truth about this. So it goes with many in this City who all have their own stories for something to mean something.