It’s the Little Things that Burn You

Ugh, I hate it when I find little things like this. I hate to admit it, but apparently the reason I’ve gotten no hate mail for awhile is because there was no way to send me hate mail. I go and post the contact links all over the site, but due to changing the site oh… three months ago when I was first in Spain, I never updated the sending mechanism for email. Idiot!
So, that’s fixed now, as well as a few other things, so that everyone who was happy to tell me what an idiot I am for my white dreadlock rants can send me said rants again. I’m sure this will come as a big relief.
Oh one other thing, since that if you feel like you’ve been missing out on new comments to posts that you comment on, you can subscribe to receive updates whenever someone posts. I just hope it will encourage more comments, since I really like getting those!
Here’s to version 6.1.3. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

Oh yeah, one last thing in that I’m going to try and balance out any techie posts with more general interest posts, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned these last three months, it’s that people like to be much more generally interested in things.
It's the Little Things that Burn You