It’s Like the Finest News Source

In The Sometimes Office, it’s often the case that the elevators are slow. Some days, it’s actually faster to walk the nine or ten floors when going down. But, if one was to do that, one would miss out on the little screens in the elevator called, the Captivate Network.
If there is a more aptly named company, I’ve not heard of it. The fact that you’re a prisoner while watching these little screens is something that I’ve thought about often. Sure, it’s another invasion of space by the media in this country, but is it really the case that you’d rather just stand in the elevator while going up or down? Some might say yes, some no. For me, I’m indifferent as this is a sometimes office and I’m not there all that much. I’ll readily admit that they do a good job of varying the content and keep it lively. It’s just really funny when things don’t change up so much and you realize that everyone you work with is reading the silly thing because we’re all grumbling about it not changing.
I’m curious how widespread these will be some day. Is there a point where this might be the next format in film? The 30 second elevator ride? It’s a thought and something that could actually make these pretty damned cool.