It’s come to this, social media

Facebook has finally creeped me the hell out. While there is definitely that segment of society that wants to share everything that they’re doing, all the time, most of us don’t. Unfortunately Mark Zuckerberg is much more of the former than the later and really, really wants to push us to live the web through Facebook. This came to a head with the oh, all that cookie tracking was a “bug” thing that was discovered a couple of weeks ago. If you look at your cookies in your browsers, you’ll see a slew of them that are Facebook cookies, but for sites that aren’t Facebook. It’s unnerving.

At this point, people like my mom should completely check out of Facebook. There’s nothing for her to gain there. Same goes for my grandmother and a lot of my friends. Maybe those friends enjoy the sharing capabilities, but I don’t. Unfortunately, as there are a couple of hundred million people using Facebook at this point and I work in web development/publishing, I don’t have much of a choice, but to have some account. I can however choose how much access that account has to my life.

So, it’s come to a point where I’ve boxed everything away to a separate corner on my machine. My main browsing is still in Firefox, which is where I also keep my Twitter logged in as they don’t seem completely freakish… yet. Then, I use Chrome to handle everything for Vinologue. I have a separate Facebook account for that as well as Twitter and conduct all my “professional” things over there.

Finally, I’ve tossed my old, personal Facebook account (that I mainly use for testing FB crap) in to Explorer, which is the only site I ever use there. This in effect keeps it locked out of everything else that I do and if I want to share anything, I can open up that browser and get busy.

So far, this has worked out well. In fact, it’s had an added bonus that I use Facebook a great deal less. That’s very nice as Facebook is such a time waster. It’s giving me more time to write real content that actually matters and more merit to it than the toss away data on Facebook.

We’ll see how this goes and if it will allow me to not have to delete my Facebook profile, although really, if I did, I probably wouldn’t miss it.