It Occurs to Me

In case you were wondering why I have these long, sometimes run-on sentences describing things lately, it’s mainly to justify my point. Many friends of mine always accuse me of generalizing. I suppose it’s because I come across that way because when I say, “I saw this guy on the street who was gay.” So, lately I’ve been saying, “I saw this guy on the street who was dressed all in pink with a Chihuahua that on a matching pink sweater and the guy was making out with another guy. I think he was gay.” Or, for another example, look at the article of the previous day.
I’ve always had this problem and it’s because I make these large linguistic jumps and see a lot of the stuff in between as just being wasted space. It seems people want to assume that you’re a bigot or a racist, or a sexist these days rather than assume otherwise. At least, in San Francisco, it seems to be that way. I suppose to a certain degree it allows others to make assumptions and generalize a deduction about you.
What-ever. It just thought I’d find in what “fans” I have out there as to why things are getting kindy wordy these days.