It never rains on Halloween

It’s curious, for as long as I can remember, I’ve never seen it rain on Halloween. I don’t know why that is, since I’ve seen it rain only a few days before Halloween and a few days after, but never right on the night.
I’ll bet tasty fruit that it has a large part to do with living in California all my life and if I were to say, live in the Amazon Basin, it would be a different story altogether.
It definitely made it possible to wear some fun costumes as a kid, which my mom so lovingly made for us every year. No Power Ranger, Scooby Doo, or other costumes bought from a store. Everything was always done by hand and while it didn’t have that wonderful polyethylene smell to it, it was a fun costume.
A friend of mine discovered what wasn’t a fun costume a couple years back. We were out in San Francisco and he decided that going as a “cowboy” would be a great idea. Sure, that’s fine, but what isn’t so smart is going as a San Francisco Cowboy. It was a quite an outfit, with large leather chaps, leather vest, leather hat, and a very small thong. It took balls to wear something like that and we could all see quite clearly that that was not a problem.
Things were going fine, until we got to the party we were going to and he decided to drop a bit of acid. I think I had more fun staying sober, since as the drug kicked it, he got very very paranoid and became very aware that his ass was hanging out for all to see at the back of the chaps.
Within about 20 minutes, he slowly edged his way back into a corner, so as to hide his exposed bum. He lasted back there for about 10 minutes, until he decided he was getting oggling overload and made a made dash for the door and took off to go home.
He did make it home in the end, but only after what was, in theory, a very interesting Muni ride back home. I say in theory, since we simply couldn’t ever get him to talk about it.
So, for those of you with kids, or a wild streak to you, just remember that because it might be warm enough to do what you want on Halloween in Calfornia, don’t mix thongs and hallucenigenic drugs.

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