It Is With the Eyes

There was a weird thing I noticed in this one guy at the sometimes office. It’s the fact that he never makes eye contact with you when you’re talking to him. At first he just seemed kind of arrogant and now I’m realizing that it’s just the way he is. Still strange though since I’m used to making eye contact with people the entire time I’m talking to them. Naturally, that probably freaks some people out, especially if they don’t want to be making eye contact.
I suppose I’ve noticed it a great deal in my travels through Slavic lands and dealings with Russian people that they will always look you in the eyes when they are talking to you. It’s a little strange to get used to and I kinda see what people on the other end of my conversations must be seeing, yet I like it due to the fact that as cheesy and overblown in movie scripts it may be, it is really hard for someone to lie when you look straight at you.
I have no idea why this I decided to yak about this topic today, but it’s probably due to just being overcharged at House of Nanking (which is a terribly tourist trap of a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.) They are people who will not look you in the eyes when they basically order for you so that they’ll give you the most expensive things. Just as a side note, pop to Chef Gia’s next door. It’s 1/3 the price and twice the goodness. And yes, they look you in the eyes when they take your order, especially when you request no MSG.