It Is Upon Us

Thankfully I’m going to be at work and class most of the day so I won’t be glued to the net, watching the returns of votes. Most of it will probably be summed up in the evening pretty quicvkly though, seeing as how the really contested races for Senate and House are east of the Mississippi. We’re pretty decked out in our basic blue here in California with the exception of damned Arnold. Such a miscarraige of the electoral process two years ago…
For those who read regularly, you will probably guess that I’ll vote down Democratic lines as much of SF will. Not too surprising there, but there are a few local measures that I’m still hashing about like Prop H which increases the amount paid to people for evictions that are based on doing construction to their rental their living in. I’m torn because I believe that this amount really needs to increase, but not by as much as this initiative is saying it should. I’m curious if it will pass because people like to gets their moneys and always see the landlords as this corrupt group here in SF. I’m just a little concerned that it’s going to cause landlords to not do any repairs to units because the cost of said repairs will rise significantly.
Anyways, go out and vote already! It’s a damned important election.